Wildlife & forest garden design

We are in a time of Climate Emergency and Mass Extinction. We need to garden in a way that encourages wildlife and engages people with the wider landscape.

This means wildlife-friendly, organic, low-carbon, low-impact gardening with a native plant bias. Forest gardening works with nature to grow edible crops.

I help clients transform their gardens into productive wildlife havens and offer a remote design service with prices from £100 for a satellite CAD plan, through to full planting plan with sketches.

Screenshot of forest garden design in CAD

Free ‘Make a Forest Garden Plan’ mini-course


About Jake

Photo of Jake smiling upward My name is Jake and I’m a forest gardener and designer. Like all sane people, I’m concerned about the climate crisis and mass extinction. Promoting forest gardening is my small contribution to making things better, for connecting people with their landscape and their wildlife. I give talks, design gardens and run an online course & workshops.