Easy graft

Both of my apple grafts from The People’s Orchard workshop have taken! Beginners luck methinks…

Hand cradling newly grafted apple in leaf
The Poppit Persawrus variety I grafted is in glorious leaf!

A couple of months ago, I went on a grafting workshop run by Steve Wilson and organised by The People’s Orchard. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it, that sense of accomplishment when you create something beautiful and unique (if a little Frankensteinian after I’d hacked them with the grafting knife).

I grafted two varieties, one is Ashmead’s Kernel, a rather delicious eater from the 1700s. The other is Poppit Persawrus, as the cutting comes originally from a self-seeded apple tree in Poppit Sands, and Persawrus is Welsh for aromatic, because the apple tastes rather like bubblegum!

The good news is that both grafts have taken and are in leaf, the Ashmead’s Kernel a couple of weeks later than the Poppit Persawrus. That is 100% success rate and I am feeling rather chuffed with myself 😏

In the autumn, I’ll plant them out in the Ornamental Forest Garden.


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