Livestream — Planting Ground Cover

Wed 11 Nov 10am GMT, out in the forest garden this week, planting up some ground cover. I’ll show you the steps 🙂

Yellow flowers of mustard all coming up in a big patch
White Mustard (Sinapis alba) used as a temporary ground cover

Forest Garden Livestream

Wednesday 11th November, 10am GMT

On this Wednesday’s livestream, I’ll be out in the forest garden in the new perennial veg area, planting out some ground cover plants. I’ll show you how to use bark mulch and sow a temporary green manure ground cover of White Mustard. Afterwards, there’ll be an informal Zoom Q&A.


Zoom Q&A

  • Zoom link
  • Time: 10.30—11:00am
  • Zoom password: mustard

Following on from last week’s livestream, I’m still working with other forest garden folk to create a spreadsheet of all forest garden plants mentioned in Martin Crawford’s book Creating a Forest Garden. Until that’s ready, here are some other links:

  1. First up, I made some spreadsheets using tables from Plants For A Future, for hedging and ground cover plants, which you may find useful.
  2. There is a Forest Garden Gallery created by members of the Forest Garden WhatsApp group — it’s early days but slowly evolving in exciting ways.
  3. And for those people using CAD, I’ve started creating a set of different CAD symbols that can be copied and pasted into your drawing. The GitHub repository is here, though very much a work in progress

Permaculturist Graham Burnett on Roots & All

Red veined leaf

On my favourite gardening podcast, Graham is a prominent vegan permaculture practitioner and advocate. I remember a rather vitriolic reaction to his using the term vegan permaculture on that there Facebook. What a surprise, vitriol on Facebook 🙄 Note: you can have animals in an ecosystem without eating them.

Listen now

The Backyard Forest online course

Screenshot of course in action

I have a rather splendid online course, 3.5 hours of concentrated forest garden knowledge. It’s organised around my practical experience of creating a forest garden, to save you time and energy in the creation of your own green space. Only £99 on Udemy (although probably less if you time it right).

The slides are freely available online at

  1. Intro Why growing edible crops with nature is so important
  2. Plan Observations to make, wishes to list & mapping your patch
  3. Design How to put things in the right place
  4. Protect Windbreaks & other tricks to protect your precious plants
  5. Perennial Veg Resilient & low maintenance veg are on the menu
  6. Canopy Plant the big trees, the canopy layer
  7. Ground Prep Ways to clear the ground, so as to plant your plants
  8. Shrubs & Cover Shrubs away & keep the ground covered

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