Livestream — Forest Garden Gallery

Wed 18 Nov 10am GMT, indoors at Forest Garden HQ, talking about the Forest Garden Gallery project

Screenshot of Forest Garden Gallery
Forest Garden Gallery home page

Forest Garden Livestream

Wednesday 18th November, 10am GMT

When I started out with forest gardening, I wish I’d had a decent photograph of an Autumn Olive to hand, as I planted my windbreak hedge far too close to the path!

This Wednesday’s livestream, I’m introducing the and how you can help out with assembling an extensive and useful photo gallery of forest garden plants.

I’ve been collaborating on a spreadsheet of all the plants in Martin Crawford’s Creating a Forest Garden, using data from Plants For A Future website.

There are about 435 plants, and the idea is to find 8 different photos of each plant (leaf, fruit, seedling etc). That’s 3,480 photos to find 😲!!! So, I’m looking to build up a network of volunteers for this rather mammoth task 🐘.

Screenshot of spreadsheet

The other spreadsheet, the Forest Garden Gallery checklist

I’ll walk through what work is required, both research and editing, then explain the spreadsheets, and then look at how the gallery software functions.

There will be an informal Zoom Q&A afterwards as well. Bring your own biscuits 🍰.


Zoom Q&A

  • Zoom link
  • Time: 10.30—11:00am
  • Zoom password: painting

Robert Kourick on Growing Greener

Screenshot of gardeners website

90s-stylee website, seriously interesting book

On my second favourite gardening podcast is a fantastic episode with Robert Kourik, from way back when in November 2019 (remember those pre-Covid days?). It’s so good, I’ve listened to it twice. He talks about the hidden world of roots and how they’re overlooked. Tree roots extend further than you think, feeding roots often point upwards, and a “donut mulch” is a more efficient way to distribute nutrients. Fascinating.

Listen now

The Backyard Forest online course

Screenshot of course in action

I must confess, my paid garden design work has taken precedence over my extra walkthroughs for my online forest garden course. All I can say is, well, bills!

It is tricky to get over that “income hump”, so that I can afford to spend more time on new material. Possibly I need to do the thing I swore I’d never do, namely write articles for free in exchange for promotion 🤔

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