Forest Garden Plants, Lockdown Livestream

I’ll be sharing some of my favourite plants out in the forest garden, then back to the laptop for a Zoom Q&A and cup of tea afterwards

White bundles of hawthorn flowers, text on top
A hawthorn is a wonderful plant, one of my all-time favourites

This week, I’ll be out in the forest gardens, looking at my favourite plants, from nut trees to unusual fruits, plus windbreaks and ground covers. If there’s a particular plant you’d like to see, email me and I will include it in the show.


Zoom Q&A

  • Time: 10.45—11:15am
  • Join Zoom meeting: invite
  • Zoom meeting ID: 785 5150 7912
  • Zoom password: kousa

The Zoom session at the last livestream went really well, I had 4-5 particpants and it was a really good opportunity to learn from others, thank you everyone who took part 🙏. Looking forward to this Zoom Q&A 🙂


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