Recording of Forest Garden Planning Lockdown Livestream

Screenshot of text on top of CAD plan
The best bit about forest garden planning is taking cool screenshots of your CAD plans 😉

Today’s Lockdown Livestream went really well (from my perspective at least, no 4 year olds bursting in, announcing their bowel movements to the nation). We also had a Zoom Q&A with about 3-4 participants. This went really well, pleasantly surprised at the usefulness and ease with which people settled in to discussing forest gardens. So, this will be a regular feature from now on, a Zoom Q&A at the end of each Lockdown Livestream.

Recording and slides are both online:

Livestream recording:


Unfortunately, the Zoom chat wasn’t saved automatically, so links are from memory:

  • Robert runs Social Orchards, “publicly accessible fruit throughout London”, really interesting project, do get involved.
  • Russell is thinking about setting up a community forest garden; I posted links to my Wild Food Corridors project. This didn’t get off the ground, because I couldn’t get the funding without setting up a Community Interest Company, which is not what I want to do right now. FWIW, here’s my synopsis and application, may be be useful to someone out there.
  • Discussion about Bindweed and how to control it. If you can, dig *all the roots up carefully, without breaking them. If you can’t dig them up, consider using Roundup. I don’t normally ever advocate herbicides but to make a one-off adjustment, it can work. Use the roll-on gel, don’t spray. Possibly controversial opinion but wildlife gardener Benjamin Vogt has something to say about using chemicals to remove lawns
  • Question about nut yields, and how to improve them. I’ve yet to have a nut harvest here, only having planted the Sweet Chestnuts 3-4 years ago and the Hazels. Both Rob and I recommended Fruit and Nut over in County Mayo in Ireland. Also, Future Forests, also in Ireland, were mentioned as a nursery. I’ve had great hedging plants from them.

A very big thank you to all who took part, particularly Pam, Russell, Robert and Peter 🙏🌳🙂


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