Perennial alternatives to annual vegetables

Perennial vegetables are less work and more nutritious but it’s a big cultural shift to adopt new veg. Here’s a simple table of perennial vegetable equivalents to annual vegetables to help the process.

Legs of man standing next to green vegetable
Martin Crawford standing next to bed of Good King Henry

I was twittering away with @BackyardLarder about how a #ForestGarden can feed a family, and thought a table of perennial vegetable equivalents of annual veg would be handy. This is a proof of concept really. Prod me & I’ll add more stuff.

Annual Perennial
Broccoli Nine Star Broccoli; Turkish Rocket, Good King Henry, Sea Kale: unopened flower shoots
Cabbage Crambe cordifolia (large), Asturian Tree Cabbage
Carrot/parsnip Skirret
Celery Lovage
Kale Daubentons, Taunton Dean, Portugese Kale
Leek Babington’s Leek, St Victor x Oerprei leek, Wild leek
Lettuce Small Leaved Lime leaves, French Scorzonera leaves
Onion Shallot, Potato onion
Pea Siberian Pea Tree
Potato Chinese Yam, Duck Potato, Jerusalem Artichoke
Runner beans Ground Nut (also known as Potato Bean)
Spinach Caucasian Spinach, Chard, Good King Henry, Nettle, Sea Beet
Spring onion Everlasting Onion(Allium cepa perutile), (Welsh onion
Spring Greens Bistort

Note: many of these are from suggestions via that there internet, I can’t vouch for their alternativeness! Do check Alison Tindale’s web site Backyard Larder for more info & a shop :)



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