Online wildlife forest garden course

Development of the course is on hold for a while, as I’ve had to furlough the business. Please signup to the Forest Garden Wales newsletter to be sure of catching announcements and giveaways.

Here is a taster of the format, a small screencast I made for some clients to give them an overview of the design process:

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Course content

Introduction: What is a forest garden, why would you want one & the importance of wildlife

  1. Propagate: it’s never too early to start propagating.
  2. Plan: where are the sun, the wind, the water and the things?
  3. Design: using low cost tools to create a plan of action.
  4. Perennial veg: get a quick return on your initial planting.
  5. Windbreaks: windbreaks now & your plants will love you 4ever.
  6. Canopy: plant the big trees, the canopy layer.
  7. Ground prep: clear the ground to plant your plants.
  8. Shrubs: once the ground is clear, shrubs away.
  9. Ground cover: keep the ground covered at all times & at all costs.

If there’s something that you’d like to be covered that isn’t listed, please do email me or tweet me @ForestGdnWales, and I will try to incorporate it, in a bonus video if not the main course.