Forest garden design & consultancy service

CAD forest garden plan

“I’m just delighted with the plan! It’s everything I wanted and much more.” – Sandra from County Dublin

We have designed three complete forest gardens, two in Wales and one in Ireland.

We offer all aspects of a design service, from consultancy to the complete design, groundwork and planting:

  1. Consultancy
  2. Site survey
  3. Concept design drawing
  4. Detailed planting plan
  5. Groundwork
  6. Sourcing and planting
Pond hole dug in ground

The Ornamental Forest Garden wildlife pond, excavated

Remote forest garden design

We offer a remote forest garden service which costs £100. This is the design process:

  1. Free initial Skype call to see if the service is suitable.
  2. We create a basic plan from satellite imagery.
  3. The client provides physical measurements, the basic plan is edited.
  4. A sketch is created, showing paths, areas, lightfall and rudimentary planting ideas.
  5. When the elements are agreed on, we create a final outline planting plan, in PDF and CAD format.

The process takes a couple of days.

Please email Jake or phone on 07398 474 064 to arrange an estimate.