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Forest Garden itinerary

A. Theory
B. Practical
C. Timetable
D. Reference

A. Theory

1. Definition of a forest garden

  1. Productive: produce, layers
  2. Sustainable: wildlife, pests, nutrients, inputs, carbon
  3. Low maintenance: watering, weeding, digging, fertilising, compost

Wildlife orchard underplanted with edible shrubs & perennial vegetables. 7 layers.

2. Start with wants

3. Climax vegetation

Gently balance the garden
On the cusp of woodland
With minimal effort

4. Efficiency

Energy input:output

* Animal        1: 0.8
* Arable        1: 4.0
* Forest garden 1:40.0

B. Practical

1. Survey

2. Plan

  1. List what you want & have (three W’s; time, money, space). Zoning.
  2. Purpose of plan: fit the use and trees with the space.
  3. Plan access, windbreaks, canopy, name areas (computer or paper).

3. Propagate

4. Windbreaks

5. Canopy

Critical. Spacing, pollination, protection

6. Sheet mulch

Area, material, time

7. Shrubs

Spacing, light, access. Mark chalk circles.

8. Ground cover

Wood chip, spacing, shade, temporary ground cover

C. Timetable

1. Workshop timetable

2. Tour timetable

D. Reference


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