Screenshot of modular garden design grid in CAD

Benjamin Vogt’s modular prairie planting design translated to CAD

This is an experimental project, trying out modular planting design using UK native wildflowers and forest garden plants. Really, it’s about me finding out more about native plants and having fun (whilst providing wildlife with habitat and food, naturally).

This is also UK specific but probably applicable across northern Europe. Investigate for your own area.


Download latest CAD file


Vogt’s Plants

  1. AF Agastache foeniculum, Blue Hyssop
  2. AH Amsonia hubrichtii, Bluestar
  3. AT Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly Weed
  4. CI Callirhoe involucrata, Purple Poppy Mallow
  5. CP Coreopsis palmata, Prairie Coreopsis
  6. DC Dalea candida, White Prairie Clover
  7. EP Echinacea pallida, Pale Coneflower
  8. EY Eryngium yuccifolium , Rattlesnake Master
  9. LA Liatris aspera , Rough Blazingstar
  10. RH Rudbeckia hirta, Black-Eyed Susan
  11. SO Symphyotrichum oblongifolium, Aromatic Aster
  12. SS Solidago speciosa, Showy Goldenrod
  13. ZA Zizia aurea, Golden Alexanders

UK equivalents

For cost reasons, I will probably grow most of my wildflowers from seed. Some plants I will buy from the local [The Wildflower Nursery]().

I haven’t done this bit yet.