Sunday, 27th May 2018 10:40am

Photo of forest garden, bark in foreground, white mustard in middle ground, house and polytunnel visible to rear

Just finished putting down bark mulch in ‘Oak Park’ in the #ForestGarden. About 70 wheel barrows full. That’s a lot of bark. I’ll be planting a Fragaria viridis (green strawberry) ground cover, not because it’s the best ground cover for the situation but because it’s the only one we’ve got! There’s also some raspberry, again, just because it needed a temporary home as it’s been moved from a different part of the garden.

You can see the Sinapis alba (white mustard) temporary ground cover at different stages of growth in the two sections beyond. The temporary ground cover gives the perennial ground cover a chance to establish and it’s working really well. Once a week, I’ll pull out the odd nettle and small clump of grass but otherwise it’s pretty low maintenance.

I’ve left some cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris) in place, because it’s such a beautiful flower and scent.