Tuesday, 27th November 2018 09:38am

Six low shiny green rounded leafed plants in pots in a tray

Had a fantastic morning yesterday, went to see Ros & Los who help run Llechryd Gardening Club in West Wales. They have a 6 acre smallholding on the top & side of a steep valley in Pembrokeshire, and it was real pleasure to discuss the different challenges & projects: coppicing, windbreaks, Leylandii(!), ponds, polytunnels, access. And plants, yes, plants as well!

They very kindly gifted half a dozen Gunnera magellanica (pictured), a low growing, mat forming gunnera that will be perfect for the north bank of the rejuvenated farmyard pond (they like damp soil, part shade, shelter).

There is nothing that compares to talking with gardeners to bolster your enthusiasm. Thank you Ros & Los 🙂