Friday, 7th June 2019 11:08pm

Pendulous leaves and faint blue flower of the edible lupin

Had my first ever day working at the local market garden. A great experience, if a bit tiring, and very different from a #ForestGarden. To grow fruit & veg to sell direct to the public is an incredibly intensive process. As an affluent citizen of a developed country, growing my own food is a luxury, not quite yet a necessity. And with this luxury I’m really keen to explore the potential of massed perennial vegetables.

Alison Tindale @BackyardLarder wrote a post called Vegetables for the Venerable [update], about how perennial vegetables are ideal for older people. It really stuck with me, the idea that, once established, perennial vegetables are just so much less work.

Today, prepping the beds in the polytunnel, digging and levelling, carting barrow loads of muck, all of this really hammered home the intensive nature of annual vegetables. My gut feeling is that perennial vegetables wouldn’t be productive enough for a market garden but for a domestic setting, now that’s a very different matter.

This is why I have declared 2019 #YearOfThePerennialVegetable. It hasn’t gone viral yet, and that’s fine, it’s a reminder to myself to finally plant up the perennial vegetable beds in the #ForestGarden with great swathes of productive plants.