Friday, 14th June 2019 09:28pm

Bumblebees on chive flowers

Today I started the Community Forest Garden ball rolling. @FutureGenCymru (the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales) has a heading A Resilient Wales, and one goal for public bodies is to…

Map public land to identify and publicise land that is accessible for use by community groups, with the aim of connecting wildlife habitats

So, I phoned up Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire councils. Neither of them had heard of Future Generations (!) but they were very helpful when I spoke to them about setting up a Community Food Forest. Both of them have Property departments, Carmarthenshire has information online about properties and I’m emailing Pembrokeshire direct. I also spoke to Pembrokeshire’s Community Regeneration department, and they have an online Community Led Information Portal.

Both councils also suggested getting in touch with town councils about suitable property.

It was a good start, hopefully if you’re interested in setting up a community led forest garden, this may be useful 🙂