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Friday, 14th June 2019 09:47pm

Hole dug for a pond

Every #ForestGarden should have a wildlife pond. Trouble is, I know bugger-jack-nothing about ponds. But as always, other people’s enthusiasm has led me forward (notably @Kate_Bradbury and @flygirlNHM talking about the Pond Playlist podcast).

I have been pondering alternatives to woven plastic sheet mulch, which led me to thinking about alternatives to plastic pond liners. Fortuitously, the beneficent and magnificent Ros and Los from Llechryd Gardening Club paid a visit. They were talking to a friend about my hole in the ground that will one day be a pond (photo above), and she suggested that we use clay as a pond liner. Much cheaper (about £200 as opposed to £1000), easier to maintain (lob on some more clay) and critically no plastic.

There are downsides apparently, that the water level can drop dramatically. I’ll be meeting up in the next couple of weeks to find out more.

This really has driven home the importance of knowing how stuff works and what your options are. I’ll write up a more detailed blog post when I get more info 🙂