Sunday, 14th July 2019 09:29pm

A big thank you, again, to @papaver for the inspiration to keep on writing. I recently started working part-time at a local, organic, vegan market garden (I know, tick them boxes). What I have found is that my blog writing has suffered as a result. There doesn’t seem to be the time, the usual refrain. There’s two forest gardens (yes, two, count them both) to nurture, plus annual veg, forest garden tours, workshops & talks, my soon-to-be-announced and not-very-secret Wild Food Corridors project, and then a couple of children kicking about the place. So, I think, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to skimp on the words.

And then I met up with my neighbour and friend Dan, a forest garden enthusiast who I discovered is also a tai chi enthusiast. I used to practise many years ago, so it was super interesting. There’s a concept of Song in tai chi, a loose, hanging yet alert relaxedness, and I think there’s an equivalent in forest gardening. It’s an efficient way of working with nature to grow edible crops, not the gym equivalent of traditional hard graft annual beds. I still have so much to learn, in the kitchen and the garden, but it is an exciting journey.