Monday, 22nd July 2019 12:29pm

Yellow and white flowers of poached egg plant amidst grass and mayhem of forest garden

Jack @JackWallington wrote a reflective post On the verge of a new way of gardening: do we need to change what we grow?. I’d like to see more reflection and less opinion; more kindness, less belligerence.

Have a read.

does this mean we should move to a world where we grow no ornamental non-natives at all

This is the bit that stuck with me. I believe any garden is an intervention and that there is space for rewilding and edible and ornamental gardens. Mary Reynolds talks passionately on Roots and All podcast actively putting space aside for wildlife. And there is space enough for humans too.

What I would say is that every garden should be a wildlife garden, by designing in wild untouched patches, an area of (native) meadow and a pond no matter how small, and also by adding natives to the plant design and choosing beneficial non-natives, such as the pollinator-friendly [Poached Egg Plant]() pictured above.

Ideally, you’d want a wildlife friendly and complementary mix of natives and non-natives, edible and multi-functional, ornamental and useful. Oh, look, a forest garden… 😉