Friday, 29th November 2019 10:45am

Koala in bush fire

The #ClimateDebate between most political leaders was held on Channel 4 News last night, hosted by @krishgm. It was great to see these issues being debated. I didn’t expect the emotional response though at the beginning, when the footage of the koala caught in a bush fire was aired, I was brought to tears. And I think this is the response we need, to feel it in our gut and then to use all our intellect and ingenuity to tackle the issues, now. Also, a debate is a strange construct, it feels like it needs to be a dialogue, a meeting of minds. The most illuminating part was at the end, when the Three Experts of the Apocalypse were asked their opinions. To be honest, the whole show should have been the 3 experts in conversation with the leaders!