Friday, 29th November 2019 09:19pm

Ivy on an old whitewashed wall

My client has an old stone barn with a mass of ivy growing up it. Unfortunately, it needs cutting back as the barn is being damaged (ivy is a fantastic wildlife plant for a whole range of creatures), so I set too with a pruning saw and some loppers. The trick is to cut the stem at the base and then let the ivy die back and dry out, as it makes it far easier to remove.

Five hours later, I was cream crackered. Some aspects of gardening are a young person’s game, the hard physical labour aspects in particular! It led me to wondering about the distinction between design and implementation. My Dad was an architect, the professional, and the stone masons he worked with were the craftspeople. Anyone can plant a tree (well, I say that) but how many people know where to plant the right tree?