Tuesday, 17th December 2019 10:25am

Paths marked in pink on paper printout of CAD plan

A key insight into designing a #ForestGarden for a client is to work from the house outwards. Every garden is an intervention and every garden is designed, even if not much thought has gone into it. To make a design work, I feel you have to really look at the how the space is used. Yep, the old “form follows function” adage. Luckily, I never went to design school so I’m still not tired of the adage.

As you can see from the photo, I have so far been spending most of my time working out where all the buildings and structures are going, then creating paths to link them up (note to self: be aware of the natural contours of the land, choose your paths wisely & naturally). These paths and the structures then suggest specific areas, and I’ll work with a list of forest garden plants to see where they can fit. All the while, thinking about windbreaks, access and maintenance.

On with the plants!