Thursday, 19th December 2019 09:50am

#EvidenceBasedGardening is wildlife gardening based on evidence! The majority of gardeners want to help wildlife but often don’t know which plants are most beneficial, when to intervene eg pruning or deadheading, or what native plants do best in their area. @swilson09 said “I don’t know why entomologists aren’t working with gardeners”, gardening with native plants for whole ecosystems is a cross-disciplinary endeavour.

I met up with @abigailjayne26 at Botanic Garden Wales last week to talk about her research into hoverflies as wild pollinators. I think it’s groundbreaking work which can be channeled direct to gardeners. It could be combined with the @UK_CEH’s Database of Insects and their Food plants to provide an accessible resource or online course to answer the question “What plants and habitats can I grow that will have the greatest benefit for the most threatened wildlife in my area?”.

Now, who could put such a course together? 🤔