Sunday, 29th December 2019 12:15pm

Plan of circles with measurement lines drawn between them

Planning to plant some more trees today in the #ForestGarden. Finally facing up to the fact we won’t be having a wildflower meadow. Too much restoration and maintenance, plus we’re bad vegans, so grazing animals out of the question.

Neighbours escaping from Brexit very kindly gifted us some nut and pine trees, so this is what will mostly be going in here. They’re all big trees, 10-25 metre diameter, so lots of space required.

The planting plan is a bit on the vague side; six smaller (10m x 10m) Stone Pine to the south and five larger (25m x 15m) nut trees to the north, a mix of Sweet Chestnut, Pecan and Hickory. I’ll get four Italian Alder for the northern border, and a few Autumn Olive bushes sprinkled about for nitrogen fixing.

I’ve triangulated all the tree positions as well, again a bit vague, because there’s not that many fixed points on the satellite photo. The main thing is to get the tree spacing roughly right.