Monday, 30th December 2019 03:29pm

Mission statements are probably so twenty-tens. But I want one, as a particular foible of mine is a lack of focus. As somebody probably quite annoying once said “If it isn’t a hell yes, then it’s a no”, and I can feel my ‘Hell Yeses’ coalescing around forest gardens, wildlife and some sort lower-case-p-political action. Yep, I have an excruciating sense of duty to do my bit for tackling the #ClimateEmergency and #MassExtinction as the world is burning now, never mind what will be for our children. But also, I love public speaking (very strange, I know) and a bit of writing, a bit of design, a little bit of problem solving.

So, there’s two things, the bringing together of wildlife and productive gardening, joining.the.dots so to speak, and there’s promoting this new garden ethic on a grand scale.

Now is the time to be planting forest gardens.