Wednesday, 29th January 2020 11:32am

Screenshot of Discord chat service

Saw my friend Antony for coffee yesterday, very interesting conversation about gaming. I have a free mini-course on how to plan your forest garden for which I’d like to set up a discussion forum. It really helps to have a community around a course, to help motivate people and share successes and challenges.

I was trying to use Discourse but had a hell of a challenge setting it up. So when Antony mentioned the gamer chat app Discord, used to co-ordinate multiple players in team-based games, I started taking notes!

Another interesting insight is the use of Twitch, a live-streaming platform. I remember the name from my web development days. My idea though is to set up live-streaming forest gardening! Can you imagine? “Here we go, here’s another hole for another tree…” or “This is a tricky bit of pruning here, we might have to lose this limb…”

The Gamification of Forest Gardening…