Tuesday, 4th February 2020 10:17am

I 💚 @beep’s writing, it’s like he says what I’m thinking, yet he’s web designer and I’m a forest gardener. Spooky, right? 👻. His latest post, The design systems we swim in. is about practise, a way of doing something.

This echoes my views about forest gardening. It is a way of gardening, with some key principles:

  1. Shelter from elements
  2. Layers of planting
  3. Permanent living ground cover
  4. Provides own nutrients & pest control

The actual plants you use depends on a range of different factors: what crop you want, where you live, what wildlife you are encouraging, what your budget is etc.

Central to Ethan’s post is the idea of situational decisions, whether the practitioner is empowered to make free and playful decisions. At the crux of this is a question about the very nature of work. Is work is about optimising the production of a product for profit? Or the playful engagement and exploration of the human in the process? I think there’s some serious questions about the economic system we currently operate in 🤔