Friday, 28th February 2020 09:47pm

Red weevil on black plastic

Found this little critter yesterday in Pembrokeshire orchard. Brilliant red #weevil, amazing. It was busy sad day. Part of the wall has come down in all the rain, luckily only a couple of trees have been damaged. The rest of the day was spent cutting back an elder that was crowding out, then topping up the dead hedge with the brash. My whole life is a dead hedge. I am the dead hedge king. I dream of dead hedges. I’ve had enough of dead hedges.

Dead hedge under trees

Yet Another Dead Hedge

There were some nice daffs and snowdrops in the orchard though. There’s something about spring flowers in an orchard, really fit nicely together.

Yellow daffodils

Daffs in the orchard

When I came home, I thought to myself “How about clearing up the buddleia I’ve cut back and top up some more dead hedges?”. So, that is what I did.

Dead hedge on sloping field with old style instagram filter

Dead hedge from the 1970s stylee