Wednesday, 11th March 2020 11:04am

Sheet mulched baby windbreak hedge, with bark mulch in the middle

Yesterday in the Ornamental #ForestGarden I finished mulching the Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’ windbreak “hedge” with bark. As I mentioned before, the hedge is made from cuttings stuck in a hole in the ground, so it’s very low budget and not very big. But cheap.

Because there’s a lot of [Ash]() nearby, I’ll probably plant out some Dwarf Comfrey root cuttings inbetween the Cornus; the theory being that the deep tap roots bring up some moisture to share with the Cornus, which otherwise the Ash would just suck up (Ash being very thirsty trees). This is just a theory.

Dead hedge in a hedge

Yet another dead hedge, providing temporary protection, shelter & habitat

In other exciting forest garden news, I have created yet more dead hedges, this time on the western border of the Ornamental Forest Garden. There’s massive gaps in the hedge, and a dead hedge will lessen the impact of the westerly wind.

Dw’i wedi anghofio, bore da fyd, morning world!