Monday, 23rd March 2020 12:16pm

Polytunnel with new irrigation

P’nawn da fyd, afternoon world. Big lack of posting ’cos stuff to do, everyone’s home schooling now. Also been rigging up dripline hosing in polytunnel, for obvious reasons, I’m keen to get decent harvest across the garden. Dripline is where there’s a hole every 30cm and is on the surface. I did try soaker hose but found it hard to judge, as it was under the ground, and some beds suffered more than others.

If it’s of any interest, I’m using 13mm LDPE pipe where there’s no irrigation required (ie between the beds on the right), dug into a shallow trench, and then 14mm dripline with 30cm spacing for the irrigation itself. Lots of Tee connectors and end plugs and a couple of L joints.

Whole lot cost about £100, with plenty to spare, bought it from Water Irrigation.

Keep safe out there 🌳 💚 🙂