Monday, 13th July 2020 10:19pm

Newly mulched bed by polytunnel

Keep grass to a minimum in the #ForestGarden, that is my new motto. We inherited a great deal of lawn and have been gradually reducing the amount. But still, there is always more grass. Piece by piece, I am reducing the width of the existing grass paths, by the polytunnel and the raised beds, hemming the remainder in with lengths of logs and harsh words, because grass gets everywhere.

Narrow grass path by raised bed

Reduced width grass paths

My next project is to build a raised mound from the turf, in time this will be the home of a Blackcurrant hedge to protect the raised beds from the prevailing wind and give some respite to the buffeted perennial kale.

Beginnings of a raised mound by raised beds

The next project begins, always

I heard an interesting tip about grass paths: mow them once a week 1 mower wide, and then once every 3 weeks, 3 mowers wide.

As part of the blackcurrant hedge project, I’m also removing the sheet mulch from the raised bed areas, and removing the raised part of the raised beds.