Thursday, 3rd September 2020 12:39pm

My online #ForestGarden course is now for sale. Apart from my time and expertise, I’ve never sold anything before. In the light of #BlackLivesMatter, I thought it only right that I should somehow redistribute the privilege I have been privy to.

That’s why I’m offering 10 free places each month to people from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority backgrounds, to students and to unwaged people. It’s all done on trust, there’s no need to prove anything, just email me (Jake)

My great-grandparents worked on the railways in India, my grandparents were in the armed forces, stationed in various imperial outposts. I come from a comfortable middle class background, I received a good university education, paid for by the state. I am a white, male, English, middle-aged, home-owning human.

Yes, I’ve worked hard to make a living from forest gardening. But I had the opportunity to do so. Forest gardening is still definitely not “mainstream” but my received pronunciation accent helps me tremendously in getting work.

So, it’s time to give something back.

I am a bit worried that this might be seen as some sort of advertising gimmick, particularly as it’s had some really positive feedback. But then, it really all has to be done on trust, and I am serious about this issue.