Saturday, 26th September 2020 07:35pm

Online course screenshot

I am creating some practical videos for my online forest garden course The Backyard Forest.

For reference, here’s my (probably incomplete) list!

  1. Create a CAD map from satellite photo
  2. Make a paper map from measurements
  3. Make a paper map from satellite photo
  4. Create an online map with Scribble Maps
  5. List site observations
  6. List wildlife observations
  7. Make a features wishlist
  8. Make a plants wishlist
  9. Use the planning checklist
  10. Use Sun Surveyor to determine aspect
  11. Soil sample sausage test
  12. Soil sample jar test
  13. Add observations to map
  14. Add features wishlist
  15. Add plants wishlist
  16. Mark paths
  17. Make a dead hedge
  18. Plant windbreaks
  19. Plant a tree
  20. Clear ground with cardboard mulch
  21. Clear ground with woven sheet mulch
  22. Clear ground by manual deturfing
  23. Propagate by layering
  24. Propagate hardwood cuttings
  25. Propagate softwood cuttings
  26. Propagate by division
  27. Planting 4-step process
  28. Chop ‘n’ drop mulching
  29. Scissor weeding