Forest Garden workshop

A one day practical course for beginners, from April to September. We cover the whole process, from surveying, to planning, propagating and planting. Make it part of your holiday!

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Course content

  1. Survey your site: Measure out the land, test the soil, mark features.
  2. Plan: using low cost tools to create a plan of action.
  3. Propagate: It’s never too early to start propagating.
  4. Windbreaks: Windbreaks now & your plants will love you 4ever.
  5. Canopy: Plant the big trees, the canopy layer.
  6. Sheet mulch: Cover the ground to kill off the grass.
  7. Shrubs: Once your sheet mulch is up, shrubs away.
  8. Ground cover: Keep the ground covered at all times & at all costs.


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